Community Property Distribution

When the divorce stage has been passed, it does not mean that your family law problem is complete. In many cases there are usually still a potential problem between you and your partner after the divorce in addition to the problem of determining child custody, such as the distribution of shared assets. Or in the community it is commonly referred to as community property.

The problem is that dividing those properties are not as easy as we think. The ego factor and the remnants of post-divorce hatred are usually the main obstacles. There are those who feel that they are very contributing to the acquisition of shared assets, some feel more entitled to joint assets greater because they feel they are tyrannized during marriage.

It is certain that the management of the sharing of shared assets will also drain energy, time and costs. Especially if it has to be dragged into the realm of law.

That is why we are trying to help you in completing the distribution of the property from the beginning to completion. Since the negotiations until finished at the green table.



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